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When submitting a manuscript to the editorial office, the author / team of authors agrees to all the terms of the License Agreement, guaranteeing that:
  • s/he is the author (co-author) of the Manuscript / Work;
  • the copyright to the Manuscript / Work was not previously transferred to third parties;
  • at the time of conclusion of the Agreement, Licensor's rights to the Manuscript / Work are not disputed, not pledged, not granted under license agreements to other persons;
  • the Manuscript / Work was not transferred to other persons;
  • the Manuscript/ Work was not previously published in any other publication before its publication by Licensee;
  • s/he did not infringe the intellectual property rights of others. If the Manuscript / Works contains materials by other persons, except for cases of citation to the extent justified by the scientific, informational, or critical nature of the Manuscript / Work, such materials are used by the Licensor in compliance with the norms of the law;
  • s/he received all the necessary permits to use the results, facts, and other adopted materials, the right holder of which is not her/him;
  • the Manuscript / Work does not contain information prohibited for open publication in accordance with the acting legislation of Ukraine and its printing and/or dissemination by the Licensee will not lead to the disclosure of classified (confidential) information (including state, official secrets);
  • the Manuscript / Work will not be published in any other publication prior to its publication by the Licensee;
  • guarantees that Information about the author (co-authors) of the Manuscript is reliable
In case of violation of any terms of the License Agreement, the author / group of authors is liable in accordance with the License Agreement.
To the attention of the authors! Why it is important to have a signed license agreement, you can view at the link.
The license agreement is necessarily signed by all authors. Authors must be identified by providing personal identifiers (passport, ID-card, driver's license).
Scan of the license agreement must be sent by e-mail or

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